Thursday, 11 October 2012

Yeah Science - 03/10/2012 - The Tequila is Now Diamonds

Hello Meerkats, 

The third talk given at Yeah Science, held on the 3rd of October 2012, is now online, and eagerly awaiting the arrival of your firm yet enthusiastic gaze. Clicky here to view on the tubes, or simply hurl your ocular intent at the embedded video below. 

The talk was given by Damon Carrad, physics PhD Student at UNSW and presumed future Nobel prize winner. Damon is studying "Transport in semiconductor nanowires and nanowire-based devices", and absolves himself of any responsibility, should his creations become self-aware and attempt to take control of Earth. 

Damon is the recipient of the The R M Gascoigne Prize for the best performance in a 2nd or 3rd year level course offered by the School of History and Philosophy of Science. He is also the recipient of the F Zappa award for excellence in boss guitar skills

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