Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Yeah Science - 21/11/2012 - Morality Without God

Hello humans,

The second of the Yeah Sessions, Yeah Science, was held on the 21st of November, at the wonderful Surry Hills bar / restaurant Yullis.

The first talk was a fascinating look into the concept of a naturally occurring moral intuition in human beings - morality without mystical, metaphysical or supernatural intervention. Have a looky at the embedded video below, or have a clicky here to watch the video on the Youtubules.

Tim Dean is an established science journalist, and editor of the Australian Life Scientist Magazine.

He is completing a PhD in philosophy at UNSW, researching the evolution of morality.

Check out his blog here

And read his fantastic articles on ABC's The Drum, here

Meanwhile, stay moral, science-friends.

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