Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Yeah Politics - 07/08/2013 - The Social Determinants of Health

On the 7th of August this year, we casually strolled into the dark woods of politics.

Our third speaker was Alice Gentle, who spoke at the very first Yeah Session (Yeah Science), on the demonstrable irrationality of Slime Mould. At Yeah Politics, Alice spoke on the Social Determinants of Health - going beyond the 'absence of disease' and trying to formulate a way of defining health that incorporates factors like 'walkability', physical well-being and mental health.

Click here to view the video on youtube, or cast your eyes to the embedded video below..

Alice Gentle works in public health in NSW, and is passionate about innovation in health.

If you'd like to view the 2013 interactive budget tool, click here. For more information on the Health Impact Project in the US, click here. And click here for information on AARP's 'Sidewalks and Streets Survey'.

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