Sunday, 5 May 2013

The Yeah Sessions @ Jurassic Lounge - A Brief History of Barbarous Names

The Yeah Sessions were proud to guest program a set of speakers for a night of Jurassic Lounge - we present the first talk below, as Yeah Sessions repeat offender Ryan Mitchell Wittingslow returns to speak on the history of barbarous names - from Abraxas to Bahomet to Ththee, Ryan explores the meaning, or lack thereof, in magical words.

Click here to watch the video on youtube, or simply cast your devilish gaze upon the video below.

Ryan is doing a PhD at Sydney University, researching transhumanism and bioethics. Check out his academic profile here, read some of delectable writing here, and get in touch with Ryan via his Twitter feed.

Jurassic Lounge is a weekly variety night held at the Australian Museum featuring art, live music, drinks & new ideas.Their summer season has wrapped up, but keep an eye out for future announcements via their Facebook page, or Twitter.

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