Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Yeah Film - 17/04/2013 - Badfilms / Shit Movies?

On the 17th of April, The Yeah Sessions delved into the complex, illustrious world of film.Our first speaker was Kim Wilkins, talking about badfilms (yep, one word) and shit movies. Kim explores Gigli, a terrible movie starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, and the eternal cult film The Room, described by its aloof director as 'a film with the passion of Tennessee Williams'.

Click here to watch the video on youtube, or cast your eyes towards the embed below.

To watch The Room in full, click here!

Kim Wilkins is doing her PhD in film theory at Sydney University and is co-founder and co-curator of The Yeah Sessions. See her thesis description here.

The Yeah Sessions is guest curating talks at the Sydney Film Festival Hub - Short Cuts 1 will be five talks given by passionate film enthusiasts from academics and industry members. It's free, and it will be glorious - come check it out, and be sure to grab tickets for the Sydney Film Festival!

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