Sunday, 19 May 2013

Yeah Film - 17/04/2013 - The Ethics of Torture Porn

On the 17th of April, The Yeah Sessions delved into the complex, illustrious world of film.Talk number three was delivered by Patrick Condliffe and Jason Archbold - exploring the numerous ethical issues that orbit the recent trend of 'torture porn' in mainstream cinema.

Click here to watch the video on youtube, or cast your eyes to the embedded goodness below.

When not researching elusive Australian authors Patrick Condliffe lurks in basements watching Giallo classics and pretending that he's Sergio Leone. Check out Patrick's Sydney University academia page here. Jason researches the ethics of the apocalypse and dabbles in the existentialism of the boxing ring, and occasionally asks himself 'what would Paolo Di Canio do?'

The Yeah Sessions is guest curating talks at the Sydney Film Festival Hub - Short Cuts 1 will be five talks given by passionate film enthusiasts from academics and industry members. It's free, and it will be glorious - come check it out, and be sure to grab tickets for the Sydney Film Festival!

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