Friday, 1 November 2013

The Final Jurassic Lounge

This coming Tuesday the 5th of November, the final night of 'Jurassic Lounge' will be held at the Australian Museum, near Hyde Park in Sydney.

Jurassic Lounge has been a Sydney insitution, opening up the doors of the Australian Museum to a demographic that might otherwise not consider skipping through its elegant halls. It's sad to see it go, and the Yeah Sessions are extremely proud to be part of its ultimate night.

We're hosting a 'Speed Debate' - six speakers, three on each side, with three minutes each, and an extremely strict timekeeper - it's funny, fast and often, accidentally insightful.

Check out the Facebook event page here, the official Jurassic Lounge page here, and buy your tickets here - in fact, do that soon, because we think this one's going to sell out rather fast.

Here's our topic:

'Jurassic Park's Dr Ian Malcom was correct when he said “Dinosaurs had their shot, and nature selected them for extinction”. It’s wrong to bring back an extinct species.'

And, here's our line up of speakers:

- Paul Oscar
- Ari  Mattes
- Tim Dean

- Ryan Mitchell Wittingslow
- Rebecca Johnston
- Ketan Joshi

See you there!