Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Yeah Debates @ Jurassic Lounge - Filmmaking Vs Photography

On the 10th of October, The Yeah Sessions took part in the final season of Jurassic Lounge, held at the Australian Museum. We held two 'speed debates', the first of which was on the topic "Anyone can be a photographer, but to be a filmmaker requires real skill", during Jurassic Lounge's Film and Photography night. Have a peek at the video below:

On the affirmative:
Daniel Wittingslow
Chris Myers
Ari Mattes

On the negative:
Diana Shahinyan
Bruce Isaacs
Adam Geczy

Photo via the Jurassic Lounge Facebook page
Each speaker had strictly three minutes to make their case, and the winner was decided by the audience yelling incoherently at the end. We'll be uploading the second speed debate, on extinction and ethics, very soon!