The Yeah Sessions were created in September 2012 by Ketan Joshi and Kim Wilkins, as a relaxed and entertaining evening of talks by experts, enthusiasts and addicts on various interesting topics. The Yeah Sessions has covered themes from technology through to black magic, and curated talks for the Sydney Film Festival Hub and the Australian Museum's Jurassic Lounge.

Kim Wilkins is currently completing her PhD at the University of Sydney in contemporary American film and is co-editor of the journal Philament. She loves all things filmy.

Ketan Joshi works in research and communications at a renewable energy company. He completed a degree in neuroscience and psychology, and bears no shame in working in a field that is utterly divorced from his actual degree.

The Yeah Sessions are free, and we edit and post (nearly) all our talks online. If you'd like to apply to talk at The Yeah Sessions, please check out our submissions page. We're always on the lookout for new speakers.

We know there are thousands of enthusiasts, academics and aficionados who rarely get the chance to talk about their passions and swear and drink at the same time. The Yeah Sessions want to hear from them.

Ketan and Kim

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